Gold Rectangular Standing Floor Mirror with Aluminum Alloy Thin Frame


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SPECIFICATION – 59″ x 20″, multi-layered for more protection. Original edge-sealing technology, lasting and more durable.

ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME – The large floor dressing mirror is in uniform color and fine surface because we used matte polished aluminum alloy frames. The aluminum frame is very thin, light but durable, convenient for move and installation.

HD EXPLOSION-PROOF – The full body mirror is coated with silver nitrate, anti-rust treatment, no oxidize and rust, more HD. Copper-free silver mirror, environmentally friendly. Shattered glass will not be spilled out even impacted by external force, more safer and protective.

ALL-MATCH: The mirror is ready to lean to the wall, or free standing with the stand at anywhere, or it can be wall-mounted either vertically or horizontally with the hooks on the back, fits almost everywhere indoor or outdoor.



Size: 59*20*14 in

Color: Gold

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